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COMPILATION | Cars And Heavy Vehicles | kids videos | learn street vehicles

Kids Channel - Cartoon Videos for Kids
Published: 3 years ago


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Today's playtime is going to be an extended one, with lots and lots of street vehicles like the cars, buses, trucks, construction vehicles, monster truck for kids and heavy vehicles like flatbed truck, grain truck, auto transport truck, gravel truck, fire truck, garbage truck, digger, police cars and city vehicles. In this preschool video, kids can also learn all vehicles with their formation and uses for each. Babies, all of the vehicles that you see on the street everyday, on your way to kindergarten school, or at construction sites, or at airports, or anywhere else, they all have their special uses. And it'd be good for you toddlers to learn about them and what they do. After you finish watching the entire collection of vehicles we have for you, let's play a fun game involving the names of the vehicles, with your parents. Take a walk with them on your favorite street, and play a game of 'I spy' with them. Let's see how many vehicles you and your parents recognize. We're sure, by the end of this children's video, you'll will know much more about the vehicles on the streets, than your parents. You could also share this video with your friends and then challenge them as well.

00:00 Cement Mixer
02:40 Garbage Truck
04:55 Ambulance
06:45 Tow Truck
09:34 Police Car
13:56 Dumpster Truck
18:49 Train
23:55 Army Truck
25:10 Water Tank
27:37 Monster Truck
29:25 Fire Truck
30:51 Tractor
34:06 Trucks for Children
38:56 Helicopter
41:09 Car
43:19 Crane
46:27 Loading Loader Truck
47:56 Missile Launcher
49:20 Jeep
51:49 Army Tanker
53:09 Army Rocket Launcher
54:20 Bulldozer
55:52 Bus Transformer
57:30 Cargo Ship
01:03:06 Ice Cream Van
01:05:49 Taxi

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™
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